Decorative Sandblasting is both a craft and an art form. At GTi Sandblasting we undertake the following etching projects through our in-house production facility:Wine Bottle

Blasted Bottles:

Our speciality is deep etched, colour-filled logo bottles. These unique promotional items are perfect for marking a special occasion or event such as a product launch, reunion, anniversary, wedding or just to say "thank you, we value your business."

Promotional Products & Gifts:

Beer Mugs, Glasses, Carafes, Coasters, Mirror Clocks can all be etched with your corporate logo. Unlike most branding options, each sandblasted item is individually hand produced, making this the ideal option for individually personalised items.  

Doors, Windows, Mirrors & Panels:

Sandblasted glass has a cool sophisticated elegance, and dramatic effects can be achieved. The design or background can be exposed depending on the function of the glass. You can add privacy, yet bring in more natural light, whilst adding a rich custom look to your home. Sandblasting is a great way to have designs on both mirrors and clear glass. Designs can range from a simple border to a full decorative feature.


PhotoBlasting, as the name suggests is a unique method of sandblasting photgraphic images onto granite and glass surfaces.

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Now, About Your Corporate Image!

'There is just no way any management with any intelligence and foresight cannot recognise the value of a corporate image. It is the best, single marketable investment that a company can make.' Malcolm Forbes