About Us

GTi Marketing and Design is a family run, "brand-house". A Durban based company, our offices and workshop are centrally located in Westmead Pinetown. Talk to us and you'll find that we're a street wise marketing consultancy with a passion for what we do, which in a nutshell is providing the full scope of brand orientated services focussed on servicing the needs of small to medium size businesses.

With an extensive background in the corporate world we understand deadlines and priorities, so with us there is no such thing as 8 - 5 or "sorry, it's the week-end", when there is work to get done, it gets done, it really is as simple as that.

More than anything we excel at customer service, after all, when you do it yourself it becomes a pride thing.


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Now, About Your Corporate Image!

'There is just no way any management with any intelligence and foresight cannot recognise the value of a corporate image. It is the best, single marketable investment that a company can make.' Malcolm Forbes